Course curriculum


  • What does this course include?

    This mini-course has 3 core lessons covering factors affecting our weight (food, exercise, stress, sleep, medications hormonal changes etc). In lesson 2, we review what basic foods we need to meet our main nutritional needs for 80% of the time. In lesson 3, we work on goal setting and taking the first steps for sustainable change. The course uses videos, slide shows, audio clips as well as worksheets and handouts. Discussions are available for most sections of the course as well to ask questions and prompt discussion between users and myself.

  • How can I pay and is this covered if I have insurance for a Dietitian

    Once you click the link button ($89.99), a payment page will pop up for Paypal. If you have an account, you can login and pay as usual. If you do not, there is the option under login saying "pay with credit card". Paypal is completly secure, and you do not need an account to pay. If you have insurance coverage for an RD, email me at to discuss options.

  • How long does this course take?

    Total course running time is about 90 minutes without completing the activities. Some may take little time to work through weight history, learned behaviours and the other worksheets, while others may take substantial time. The course is open to complete at your own pace, and will resume where you've left off if you logout. You have 60 days from the time you register until access ends.

  • Can I ask questions if I need more information or clarification?

    Yes! Discussions are optional for most of the content during the course, which will I will be supervising regularly. Also, you have the option of joining our Weight Reset Private Facebook Group, where students of the course can post recipes, tips, ideas as well as questions for me. We will also haver periodic live Q&A sessions through that group.